the roots of the Ibai-gane restaurant

Our family has three generations offering the best products of our land, prepared with care, keeping the flavor of traditional recipes of our grandparents, but with an innovative contribution.

We are in a peaceful and spectacular environment. Along Lea ibilbidea and 2.5 km from Lekeitio. There is a bus stop in front of the restaurant.

Ibaigane restaurant Jatetxea dinning room
Fields with nature ecology

Our Philosophy and Mission

To reduce the enormous ecological footprint that involves the handling, packaging and transport of raw materials thousands of kilometers. The philosophy "Km. 0" is a great idea to create a lifestyle and culinary style that motivates us every day to preserve the environment. To encourage the local gastronomy and thus avoid the extinction of certain native varieties/breeds that are no longer used due to the invasion of foreign products (or even rescuing typical dishes from the regions that died from the weight of fast food).

This is the philosophy that leads us to develop initiatives such as breeding with GMO free food from our own herri behia (local cows) breed at the Aramaiona Letazur farm or the photovoltaic and hot water solar installations as well as the commercial relationships that we maintain with different agrarian and fishing producers in the area.

Dinning room Ibai-gane Oleta Amoroto
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